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Thank you for visiting my online constituent website. It is with great pleasure that I serve as your Delegate. I hope that you will find this website useful for understanding new or potential legislation and to also understand Virginia state agencies.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns or service requests. I am sure it is your desire as well as mine to pass legislation that is in the best interest of the Commonwealth. I can be reached via email at and at (703) 785-2224.

Kind Regards,

Delegate Luke E. Torian

Torian Expresses Relief over Redistricting


RICHMOND, Va. – Speaker William Howell (R-Stafford) ruled that the Senate Amendments to HB 259 were not germane. As a result the Virginia General Assembly will not consider the newly created State Senate districts. Speaker Howell made his ruling because in his opinion HB 259 as amended would “stray dramatically from the legislation’s original purpose of minor technical adjustments.”


Torian Joins Stanley in Promoting Recycled Buildings

RICHMOND, VA.- Delegate Luke Torian announced his support of Senator Bill Stanley’s (R-Franklin) bill that encourages businesses to renovate, and revitalize structures, rather than tearing down or expanding into traditionally rural areas.

“We are trying to preserve communities and create jobs” Torian said during the Finance Subcommittee meeting.

Torian went on to describe the specific challenges vacant buildings pose in Prince William County, and the opportunities for development that they represent.


Congressman Connolly and Delegate Torian to Appear on News Talk with Bruce Depuyt


Woodbridge, VA  – Congressman Gerry Connolly and Delegate Luke Torian will appear on News Channel 8’s  program News Talk with Bruce Depuyt on Monday January 28 at 10 am.

Delegate Torian will discuss some of the difficulties that his constituents experienced as they attempted to exercise their constitutional right to vote in the recent November election. Delegate Torian has introduced and co-patroned several pieces of voting reform bills in order to address some of these challenges.  In addition to discussing his legislative agenda, Delegate Torian will provide an update on some of the recent events that have occurred during the Virginia General Assembly legislative session in Richmond. Please feel free to click the link below in order to watch tomorrow’s interview online.

WHAT:              News Talk with Bruce Depuyt
WHEN:              Monday, January. 28 at 10 am
WHERE:            News Channel 8,

WHO:                Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA)  and Delegate Luke Torian (D- Prince William)


Torian Expresses Concern Over State Senate Redistricting Changes


RICHMOND, VA– Yesterday, the Virginia State Senate passed a redistricting bill that amended the State Senate Districts, including Prince William County. As the nation celebrated the second Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Day there were actions taken that unilaterally changed the representation of all 40 Senate Districts across Virginia .


Torian Attempts to Repeal VA’s Online Gun Permit Certification

Committee Votes Down Bill to Make Gun Owners Show Up in Person

RICHMOND, VA– January 17, the Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety in the House of Delegates voted down Delegate Luke Torian’s (D-Woodbridge) bill to discontinue the online class and testing requirement for receiving a Virginia Concealed Carry Permit (CCP).

During the hearing, Delegate Torian discussed the need for a face to face process for those who desire to carry a concealed handgun. “First of all I am an avid supporter of the second amendment. This legislation is not about being anti-gun . . . [with the current online testing process] we have some people who will pick up a gun and have no idea what they are doing.”


Delegate Torian Testifies Before Congress


WOODBRIDGE, VA– Today, Delegate Luke Torian (D-Woodbridge) testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s Subcommittee on Technology and Reform field forum titled “Lessons from Election Day 2012: Examining Need for Election Reform” in Woodbridge Virginia.

The panel discussion was led by Congressman Gerry Connolly and Ranking Member Congressman Elijah Cummings. The discussion focused on the voting problems encountered in Prince William County during the election on Tuesday, November 6th 2012.


Virginia Chamber Recognizes Torian

RICHMOND, VA (April 18, 2012)— On Wednesday, April 18, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce recognized Delegate Luke Torian with The Economic Competitiveness Award, which recognizes legislators who worked to improve Virginia’s business climate during the 2012 legislative session. Delegate Torian sponsored legislation that gives local governments regulatory flexibility needed to attract and retain businesses engaged in providing services in support of national defense.

After the press conference when asked to comment Torian said “I am honored to be receiving the Economic Competitiveness award from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. It is my hope that we see many positive developments from the passage of HB 406”.   Torian said, HB406 will “allow companies to know that we are serious about them being a part of our community.”

Torian Recaps Legislative Session

By Keith Walker

Published March 22, 2012

WOODBRIDGE, Va. –Guns, money, transpor­tation and ultrasounds were what people wanted to talk about during a re­cent legislative update in Woodbridge.

Dels. Mark L. Dudenhe­­fer, R-2nd, and Luke Torian, D-52nd, joined Sen. Linda T. “Toddy” Puller, D-36th, at the Dr. A.J. Fer­lazzo Build­ing late last week to give residents a wrap-up of what did and didn’t get done in this year’s session of the Virgin­ia General Assembly. Audience members wrote their questions on index cards and John Karh­nak, of the Woodbridge Potomac Communi­­ties Civic Association, which sponsored the town-hall-style meet­ing, read the questions to the legislators.


2012 Virginia General Assembly Update

During the 2012 Virginia General Assembly 2,852 bills and resolutions were introduced and considered by the legislature. I am including a brief summary of bills that I believe are particularly important this session. To review all legislation considered by the General Assembly please visit

Bills Introduced by Delegate Torian

  • HB 406, a bill that authorizes a local government to provide local incentives and regulatory flexibility to defense contractors located within a defense production and support services zone established by the local government. The bill defines defense contractors as businesses primarily engaged in providing services in support of national defense. (more…)

Torian and House Colleagues Oppose Marshall’s Budget Amendment

HB 29 Budget Bill.

floor: 02/23/12  House: VOTE: REJECTED (16-Y 84-N)

YEAS–Bell, Robert B., Byron, Cline, Cole, Cosgrove, Gilbert, Head, LeMunyon, Lingamfelter, Marshall, D.W., Marshall, R.G., Massie, Miller, Putney, Rush, Ware, R.L.–16.

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