Virginia’s New Budget Goes Into Effect


PRINC WILLIAM COUNTY, Va – On July 1st the Virginia General Assembly’s recently passed ¬†budget ¬†went into effect and Delegate Torian issued the following statement in an update to his constituents: “It is my hope that you and your family are enjoying another beautiful summer in Prince William County. The purpose of my letter is to share important information with you because today the budget that was passed last week goes into effect as a new fiscal year begins and there is no government shutdown. Until last week there had been little progress toward reaching a budget agreement in the General Assembly. The Governor attempted to veto budgetary language that prohibited Medicaid expansion. I commend the Governor for his actions; however these actions did not result in the desired outcome. On June 23rd, during a Special Session of the General Assembly the Speaker of the House ruled that some of the Governor’s vetoes were invalid. The debate regarding the Governor’s vetoes and the Speaker’s rulings continues. The ongoing legal questions related to Medicaid expansion will also continue to be debated. It is my hope that ultimately, the Governor will lead us to a compromise on the Medicaid issue.

Concerns over whether we are able to meet our financial obligations have been resolved. It is now time to focus our attention on making our communities and schools stronger by working together on behalf of the citizens of Prince William County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A 1.3 billion dollar revenue shortfall has been projected over the next three years. Money from the Commonwealth’s $800 million Revenue Stabilization Fund will be used to address this projected shortfall. While current revenue projections are discouraging, Virginia has maintained its AAA bond rating and status as one of the best managed states in the country. The recent economic turbulence and the impact of sequestration are realities in Northern Virginia; however the economic development climate remains strong. I will work with my colleagues in the General Assembly to expand the workforce, strengthen our infrastructure, and make strides to grow and diversify our economy.
I am appreciative of everyone who contacted my office to share their concerns during the past legislative session. I look forward to future communication as we strive for continuous improvement in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

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