Torian Promotes School Safety Plan

RICHMOND, VA- Today, Delegate Luke Torian (D-Prince William) announced his support for Governor Bob McDonnell’s legislative package assembled as a result of the Taskforce on School and Campus Safety.

Key legislation from the Taskforce includes a mandate to develop a
critical incident response plan, to implement school safety audits, to
increase cooperation between schools, local law enforcement and
emergency medical units; and new criminal offenses for attempting to
enter a school with the intent to commit a violent felony.

Having co-patroned the legislative package, Delegate Torian issued the following statement:

“I want to commend Governor McDonnell for assembling a Taskforce on School and Campus Safety. We cannot do enough to protect our schools. I have supported efforts in the past to build on legislation that was passed in the wake of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting and I am pleased to see my colleagues being proactive in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. I am also honored as well to serve as a co-patron on the Governor’s introduced legislation.”

The legislative package includes:

  • HB 2343 School Security Infrastructure Improvement Fund and Local School Safety Fund; created.
  • HB 2344 School safety; threat assessment teams and oversight committees.
  • HB 2345 School Safety, Va. Center for; development of model critical incident response training program.
  • HB 2346 Lock-down drills; every public school is required to have at least two practices per year.
  • HB 2347 Juvenile intake and petition information; threat assessment teams.
  • HB 1871 Bullying; defines term, school boards shall include policies & procedure in student code of conduct.

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