Torian Expresses Relief over Redistricting


RICHMOND, Va. – Speaker William Howell (R-Stafford) ruled that the Senate Amendments to HB 259 were not germane. As a result the Virginia General Assembly will not consider the newly created State Senate districts. Speaker Howell made his ruling because in his opinion HB 259 as amended would “stray dramatically from the legislation’s original purpose of minor technical adjustments.”

Following the conclusion of today’s session Delegate Torian commented on Speaker Howells ruling:

“I too share the Speakers’ concerns regarding the germaneness of the Senate amendments. Not only do I believe the Senate Redistricting proposal to be not germane, but I also question the legality of the decision to completely redraw the Senate map following a non-census year.

I am hopeful that we can put our differences of opinion over this matter behind us and come together to find solutions to fund our roads, balance our budget and ensure that our constituents continue to enjoy Virginia’s high quality of life.”

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