Torian Joins Stanley in Promoting Recycled Buildings

RICHMOND, VA.- Delegate Luke Torian announced his support of Senator Bill Stanley’s (R-Franklin) bill that encourages businesses to renovate, and revitalize structures, rather than tearing down or expanding into traditionally rural areas.

“We are trying to preserve communities and create jobs” Torian said during the Finance Subcommittee meeting.

Torian went on to describe the specific challenges vacant buildings pose in Prince William County, and the opportunities for development that they represent.

“My bill allows new businesses to receive a small tax credit for moving into a community and refitting an existing vacant commercial or industrial property” Torian said. “Although my bill was supported by both the Virginia Chamber and the League of Conservation voters, members of the House of Delegates subcommittee voted down the bill.

Torian remained optimistic that he could help pass legislation that addresses the vacant buildings in Prince William County. “I have joined Senator Stanley and am co-patroning legislation that will accomplish many of the same goals.”

Stanley’s bill, the Building Revitalization Act (SB 748) has already passed Senate Committee unanimously.

Delegate Torian: “I am pleased  that Senator Stanley’s legislation was considered favorably in the Senate today. I am thankful that the legislative process allows for my colleagues to continue to work on these economic redevelopment issues. … I would also like to thank the business community and the League of Conservation Voters for coming together and supporting this legislative effort.”

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