Torian Expresses Concern Over State Senate Redistricting Changes


RICHMOND, VA– Yesterday, the Virginia State Senate passed a redistricting bill that amended the State Senate Districts, including Prince William County. As the nation celebrated the second Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Day there were actions taken that unilaterally changed the representation of all 40 Senate Districts across Virginia .

Because Senator Henry Marsh attended the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, the Democratic Senators were absent one member.  As a result HB 259, a bill that would make technical adjustments to certain House of Delegate Districts was amended to make changes to the current State Senate Districts and the redistricting measure passed without the vote of a single Democratic State Senator.

Senator Chuck Colgan’s (D-Prince William) district was dramatically changed and precincts that he had represented for over thirty years were changed.

“I have concerns over the decision that was made today and as a result I will continue to ask questions until I understand what happened to Prince William and what happened to the Commonwealth” Torian said in response to the new redistricting


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