Torian Supports Open Disclosure

Richmond, VA- Delegate Torian is pleased to report a victory for open government and transparency. Delegate Torian (D-Prince William) joined Chairman Delegate Danny Marshall (R-Danville) and five other colleagues on Subcommittee #2 of the House Committee on Counties, Cities, and Towns, in voting against a measure that would repeal the requirement that localities publish notice of public hearings in newspapers.

As a result of the vote by Delegate Torian and the subcommittee this bill (HB773) will no longer be considered during the 2012 General Assembly Session. After the subcommittee hearing Delegate Torian said, “Many people rely on newspapers as their only means of staying informed. Removing the requirement that readers across the Commonwealth currently enjoy puts the public access to these local notices in jeopardy.” Representatives from AARP and the Virginia Coalition for Open Government joined Delegate Torian in opposing HB773.

David Debiasi, Associate Director for the Virginia Chapter of AARP stated “We have a position. We are definitely opposed. Public notice should be in print. Some people don’t have a computer. This bill would disenfranchise the elderly and those with low income.”

Megan Rhyne, Executive Director of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government remarked “It’s incumbent upon all elected officials to support transparency and open government, increased awareness of public hearings and increased involvement in public hearings tend have a positive impact on public discourse. As a result the Virginia Coalition for Open Government opposed House Bill 773.”

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