Torian and Colleagues Host Town Hall Meeting

By Connie Moser Published: Janurary 5th, 2011 Woodbridge,  VA Patch

Four members of the Prince William Delegation of the Virginia General Assembly met with eastern Prince William residents in the board chambers at the county complex last night in Woodbridge.

Senator George Barker (D-39), Delegates Rich Anderson (R-51) Luke Torian (D-52) and Scott Lingamfelter (R-31) spent a few hours listening and addressing residents’ concerns on a wide variety of topics.

Some residents wanted recent cuts to programs restored. Emily Ruebsamen, past chair of the Commission on Aging, explained exactly what cuts of $11,000 to a program for the neediest members of our community, the disabled elderly , represent. That budget cut means that instead of the 75 people who were served before the cut, the number is now reduced to 60 persons.

Ruebsamen also requested the Temporary Health Care Structures, commonly referred to as “granny pods”, be granted only with appropriate consultation to ensure the structures are used as intended and for those who need them.

More than 50 residents attended and the delegates ensured everyone had an opportunity to speak. Jane Licata from Woodbridge inquired about attracting new residents from the BRAC to the area as a consequence of the reallocation of personnel and Steve Rosen from Lake Ridge was concerned about the use of non-American made equipment, as well as foreign workers on state projects.

Several other residents, like Peter Sperry, from Lake Ridge, expressed concern regarding cuts in the DOD budget and what that will mean to the local economy. Residents are concerned about property values, the real estate market, transportation and above all, jobs.

The delegates reassured constituents they are on top of all these issues. Delegate Torian described his work on Bill 1313, the long standing effort to bring Metro to PWC. Senator Barker, too, addressed enhancing transit, evoking the possibility of extending both the Blue and Orange Metro lines into PWC.

Anderson has a seat on the Governor’s Commission for Military Issues, and since he and Lingamfelter are both retired military, those concerns regarding BRAC are familiar territory for them.

Every conceivable topic, from a query on the transportation bond service by Steve Dixon from Montclair to an invitation to visit WPCCA from Walter Peterman, was voiced. Other concerns, such as social services issues and Virginia Cooperative Extension cuts were also heard.

The Prince William Chamber of Commerce is hosting a meeting with the delegates on Thursday evening. For information or reservation to attend that event please contact: Cathy Gilbert-Silva -703 368 6600 or email:

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