Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my online constituent website. It is with great pleasure that I serve as your Delegate. I hope that you will find this website useful for understanding new or potential legislation and to also understand Virginia state agencies.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns or service requests. I am sure it is your desire as well as mine to pass legislation that is in the best interest of the Commonwealth. I can be reached via email at and at (703) 785-2224.

Kind Regards,

Delegate Luke E. Torian

Absentee Voting for PWC


End of the 2017 Session

Dear friends:

Empty walls where family photos and district maps once resided and hallways filled with boxes of memories and mementos from sessions past describe the final week of the 2017 General Assembly session. The current General Assembly building will be replaced, however, the move to our temporary office building has not hindered us from finalizing legislation.
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Clergy and Law Enforcement Town Hall Meeting



Delegate Torian, Prince William County Chief of Police Barry Bernard, and PWC NAACP Chapter President Karl Brower with the Prince William County National Coalition of 100 Black Women


Delegate Torian addresses the Town Hall attendees at First Mount Zion Baptist Church


Torian Tours Spaceport Launch Facility


Delegates Torian and House Appropriations Members on an Eastern Regional Tour
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, June 23, 2016

Richmond, Va. –  22 members of the House Appropriations Committee toured Wallops Island Mid-Atlantic Spaceport Facility.

Delegates also met with Treasury Secretary Rich Brown to discuss monthly revenue statistics and funding for Virginias’ aeronautical program.


Virginia’s New Budget Goes Into Effect


PRINC WILLIAM COUNTY, Va – On July 1st the Virginia General Assembly’s recently passed  budget  went into effect and Delegate Torian issued the following statement in an update to his constituents: “It is my hope that you and your family are enjoying another beautiful summer in Prince William County. The purpose of my letter is to share important information with you because today the budget that was passed last week goes into effect as a new fiscal year begins and there is no government shutdown. Until last week there had been little progress toward reaching a budget agreement in the General Assembly. The Governor attempted to veto budgetary language that prohibited Medicaid expansion. I commend the Governor for his actions; however these actions did not result in the desired outcome. On June 23rd, during a Special Session of the General Assembly the Speaker of the House ruled that some of the Governor’s vetoes were invalid. The debate regarding the Governor’s vetoes and the Speaker’s rulings continues. The ongoing legal questions related to Medicaid expansion will also continue to be debated. It is my hope that ultimately, the Governor will lead us to a compromise on the Medicaid issue.


Torian’s Child Care Bill Passes


RICHMOND, Va – Delegate Torian is pleased to report that his bill (HB 1209) clarifying current residential day care zoning regulations to allow local governments to approve with conditions or deny an applicant has passed the House of Delegates unanimously.

“Early childhood care is critical for the development of our sons and daughters.  I carried HB 1209 on behalf of Prince William County because we discovered that the zoning process does not allow our local government to mediate any concerns between a day care provider and their neighbors. There are too many families that struggle to find quality child care options for young children and we need to make it easier for them not harder.” Delegate Torian said in his office after the House of Delegates adjourned.


Torian Aims to Reform VA Ethics Law

By Quinn Castell
Potomac Local

RICHMOND, Va. – Among the flurry of ethics reform bills being proposed throughout the Virginia General Assembly is Senate Bill 212, which would remove Freedom of Information Act exemptions for legislators and their aides.

The new FOIA bill, which is part of an ethics package authored by Sen. J. Chapman Petersen, D-Fairfax, would remove Delegate Tag Greason’s, R – Potomac Falls, House Bill 1639 less than a year after its approval.
HB1639 also is known as the 2013 General Assembly FOIA Exemption Act. The measure officially added legislative aides to the exemption list of Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act.


Woody Evans of Cable Reports with Del Torian

Road, Rail Projects being eyed for Route 1

By Dan Roem, Prince William Times

Published May 22,2013

If all goes to plan later this summer, the Virginia Department of Transportation is set to dole out another $1.6 million aimed at easing congestion along the Route 1 corridor through Dumfries.

State Del. Luke Torian (D-52nd) explained during a phone interview on Monday that he spoke to VDOT Secretary Sean Connaughton and VDOT Commissioner Gregory Whirley about widening Route 1 along the Dumfries corridor in areas between the intersections for Route 234 in the north and Graham Park Road in the south.

“We’re hoping that we can get some road widening, yes,” said Torian. “We’re hoping that it’ll probably come down to the secretary of transportation making a decision on the funding and then we’ll probably work with the mayor of the Town of Dumfries and then I imagine the mayor would have some sort of say” about oversight for the project.


Torian Promotes School Safety Plan

RICHMOND, VA- Today, Delegate Luke Torian (D-Prince William) announced his support for Governor Bob McDonnell’s legislative package assembled as a result of the Taskforce on School and Campus Safety.

Key legislation from the Taskforce includes a mandate to develop a
critical incident response plan, to implement school safety audits, to
increase cooperation between schools, local law enforcement and
emergency medical units; and new criminal offenses for attempting to
enter a school with the intent to commit a violent felony. (more…)